photonics photonics photonics photonics photonics photonics photonics photonics
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Transverse spin in structured light
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Thermo-optic phase-shifters for integrated silicon photonics
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All-optical phase manipulations for high-speed optical communication
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University of Hyderabad
Liquid crystal based tunable optical microresonators and microlasers
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Recent progresses in optical detection and discrimination of pollutants in remote ground water and environment: a review
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Advances in optical parametric oscillators
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Computational imaging with single-pixel detectors
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Free-space terahertz transmission at 100 Gbit/s
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Uinversite Bordeaux , France
Generation and shaping of terahertz vortex beams
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IISER , Kolkata
Weak measurements on spin-photonic effects
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IIT Kanpur
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Semiconductor-core optical fibers
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Random lasers and random fiber lasers: recent advances and multidisciplinary applications
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Time-resolved ultrafast nonlinear refraction
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Latest standardization status and its future directions for high speed optical transceivers
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IIT Hyderabad
Optical tomography for early diagnosis: clinical evaluations
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Photonics sensors : applications to socially relevant issues
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Advanced optical fibers for communications
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Optical non linearity in some of the nano structured thin films and nano rods
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Pushing fiber Bragg gratings into the visible
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Saitama University , Japan
Optical coherence tomography in plant biology: environmental effects
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Recent progress of integrated optical devices toward 5G era
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Rice University , Houston, TX, USA
Terahertz physics and applications of carbon nanomaterials
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North Western University , USA
All-optical switching for photonic quantum networks
48 Kashyap
Raman Polytechnique Montreal , Canada
Distributed feedback Raman fibre lasers
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Budapest University of Technology and Economics , Hungary
Combined optical, thermal and mechanical modeling and optimization of an optrodemicrodevice for infrared neural stimulation
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Warsaw University of Technology , Poland
Structured light beams in nematic liquid crystals
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Heriot-Watt University , Edinburgh, UK
Photonic and biophotonic device fabrication
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AI for automatic detection of glaucoma
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Role of electro-optics in defence
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Trends in fiber-optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technologies
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Photonic Anderson localization at the Kondo-hybridization gap
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Photonic functional devices based on magneto-optics
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Label-free biophotonics: non-linear imaging for biomedical applications
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All-dielectric Bloch surface wave optical biosensors
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Cavity enhancements in nonlinear absorption and photoluminescence of BaTiO3
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Analysis of high energy laser beam propagation in various atmospheric environments
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Porto University , Portugal
Fiber optics sensors
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IIT Kanpur
Another dimension to early cancer detection through fluorescence lifetime imaging
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Technical University of Denmark
Novel mid-infrared upconversion systems for low noise detection and hyperspectral imaging
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DEI , Agra
Low-power ultrafast optogenetic control of high frequency neuronal firing
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IIT Kanpur
Metamaterials for large-scale applications: design and manufacturing issues
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IIT Kharagpur
Spatial beam generation in optical fiber:experimental demonstration of azimuthally asymmetric vector beams in dual-mode fiber
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IIT Roorkee
Large mode area optical fibers for high peak power ultrashort laser pulses
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SNBNCBS , Kolkata
Wavelength tunable nanophotonic devices using 2D materials
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TIFR , Mumbai
Extreme light
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University of Hyderabad
Photonics for explosives detection: Recent developments and challenges.
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City University London , UK
Design and optimisation of silicon photonic devices
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Paris Sud University , France
Semiconductor laser based frequency combs for multi-terabit/s/per chip data transmission
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University of New South Wales , Sydney, Australia
New ways of visualising tear film lipids using quantum dots
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Advanced laser sources and their applications
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Photonic integrated circuits for quantum communications and computing
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IIT Madras
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PRL , Ahmedaba
Parametric down conversion of structured beams and its applications
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Tezpur University
Quantum optic instrument
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CSIR-CSIO , Chandigarh
All dielectric zero index meta-material based optical nano-antenna
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IIIT Delhi
Vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communication using visible light
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Naval Research Lab , Washington, USA
NRLs contributions to high power lasers
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Università di Parma , Italy
Modal guidance and phase shift in thermally loaded multi core fibers
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NEL-America , USA
Coherent technologies revolutionize fiber optic communication
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TU Braunschweig , Germany
Frequency-time coherence for integrated, high sampling-rate analogue-to-digital conversion
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ORC, University of Southampton , UK
Fiber technology for high power devices
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Chiba University , Japan
Fast hologram optimization using deep learning
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NTU , Singapore
Active THz metamaterial photonics: From Superconductors to all-dielectrics
92 Sysoliatin , Alexej
A.M Prokhorov General Physics Institute , Moscow, Russia
Optical signal processing in dispersion varying fibers
93 Singh , Upendra N.
NASA Langley Research Center Hampton , VA, USA
Active Optical Remote Sensing Sensors and Instrumentation for NASA’s Future Earth and Space Science Measurements/Missions
94 So , Peter T. C.
Confocal reflectance interferometric microscope development for studying nuclear and plasma membrane fluctuations in eukaryotic cells
95 Sones , Collin
ORC, University of Southampton , UK
Fabrication of paper-based microfluidic devices using laser direct-writing
96 Smith , Nicolas
Osaka University , Japan
Label-free biophotonics for non-invasive evaluation of living cell states via spectroscopic and morphological analysis
97 Setälä , Tero
University of Eastern Finland
Interpretation and measurement of the spectral coherence Stokes parameters
98 Sorokina , Irina
NTNU, Trondheim , Norway
Femtosecond mid-IR lasers and frequency combs
99 Sasaki , Takeo
Tokyo University of Science , Tokyo, Japan
Large photorefractive effect observed in smectic liquid crystal blends containing small amount of chiral compound
100 Tualle Brouri , Rosa
Institute d’Optique, Universite Paris Sacle , France
Optical cavities for quantum optics
101 Tajahuerce , Enrique
Universitat Jaume I , Castello, Spain
Computational imaging with single-pixel detectors
102 Vijaya , R.
IIT Kanpur
Temporal coherence and phase correlations in the spectrum of a broadband fiber laser
103 Viswanathan , Nirmal K.
University of Hyderabad
Spin-orbit interactions in inhomogeneous media
104 Venugopal , Achanta
TIFR , Mumbai
Plasmon induced hot carrier dynamics
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Osaka University , Osaka Japan
High-resolution optical imaging at nanoscale through tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
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Warsaw University of Technology , Poland
Recent progress in liquid crystal modified optical fibers and photonic crystal fibers
107 Zhang , Xiaoguang
BUPT , Beijing, China
The equalization of polarization effects in fibers for optical fiber communications using Kalman filter